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JeMonitor Soft, professional employee surveillance expert, devotes to stealth network and internet monitoring for employee surveillance or PC activity monitor. JeMonitor is proficient in screen activity monitoring, internet usage monitor and website tracking, application launched, online chats or calling recording,etc. Jemonitor surveillance programs work in stealth mode to offer perfect solutions to employee monitoring in their workplace, child monitoring and management of their internet safety, private monitoring against to cheating, swindle or crime;

JeMonitor Employee Monitoring Software

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LAN Monitor PRO, all-round employee surveillance software to monitor everything of employee computer activity in real time. Internet monitoring or network management, traffic monitoring or website tracking, screen recording or keystokes logging, LAN employee surveillance software do everything for you!

Screen monitoring to view all screen and mouse activities for all employee and known everything about your employee in real time;
Internet activity monitoring for website visiting, social networking accessing such as Facebook,Twitter,Myspace, private IM chats of Skype, MSN, ICQ, online game and gamble;
Keystrokes monitoring to log all keystrokes typed on employee PC included the username and password of launch apps, email senting, text chats of IM, web search history;
Web and apps filtering or blocking to prevent employees from launching specific applications or accessing objectionable or nonjob-related website;

Remote control and management to manage files download, transfer, printer, and USB portable storage devices usages;

Designed to informed employee monitoring and management tool, Lan Employee Surveillance software is offered to increase employee productivity while decreasing employee nonjob-related behaviors on PC, and make a suitable working environment without cheating, swindle, pornography and other inappropriate contents which will reduce the intenet sourse worst and prevent business information leaking,also all tracked histories will offer vital support for employee performance appraisal. It is a power employee surveillance tool.

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