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Usage Manual

Download Spy Keystroke Logger Full Version
After the purchase, you will received the Regnow E-mail which offers your registration code, usage guide of the program and the download address of the full version. Just click the site to download the full functional version of this software.

Install and Launch Spy Keystroke Logger
Spy Keystroke Logger is a simple and utilitarian program. After downloading, you can use it very easily following the usage manual step by step. During this process, you are asked for a password which can be found in the E-mail aforementioned. Before installing the full version, you should first uninstall the trial version completely from your computer; otherwise, it may affect the program run.

After installation, launch the program and enter your registration code to activate the program. After this, you will see a file called “Myss.exe” in the program path. By default, the Myss.exe file is located at: C:\Program Files\csmk.

For the first launch, the program will pop a setting window automatically as below:

The program is very easy to use for every user. You can set your ideal spy mode according to your actual need by checking the corresponding options in setting panel of this program..

Main Function Options
There are three main setup options in the setting panel - - Log Keystroke, Take Screen Shot and Send Email.

Take Screen Shot -- Check this option to capture screenshots. It means the program will capture the total desktop screenshot which showed all active windows and all opened application windows in your desk at the same time, or capture active window only such as MSN/Skype conversation windows, visiting website windows, outlook/outlook express windows and other application windows.

Log Keystroke --Select this option to enable/disable keystroke logged. Usually, this is an integrant option for this keylogger setting.Checked this, the progarm will record and log all keystrokes typed on the keyboard, the username and passwords(except security password, such as bank credit card), Email content, websites addresses, Instant Messenger chat are included!

Send Email -- Log report deliver via email (screenshots and keystrokes ) to a specified e-mail address. This function can resolve the monitoring problem when you are away from your PC or have no way to near the monitored computer.
Other Options

Screenshot and Keystroke Storage Location -- Locate the screenshot and keystroke. It can be set to any place of your computer. But you should ensure there is enough space to store screenshots and keystrokes when you choose the storage location because the capuring screenshot will be stopped when your storage disk space is less than 50M. In order to more invisible and not detectable by other users, you can choose another useful option: Hide the Screenshot and Keystroke Storage location. Once you check this option, you must remember this location, and When you want to see these snapshots or data, you can enter the location directly in the address bar to find it

Auto Run on Windows Startup -- The progarm auto start monitoring with your computer startup. If you chosed Send email to deliver the log report, you should choose this option. It help you spy the computer user all the time remotely and let you know exactly what the users do all the time although you are away.

Screenshot Interval -- This means how often the program takes screenshot. This Interval value can not be too low or too high. Too low may increase too many repeating screenshots which is not useful to your monitoring but wastes your space resource. And too high maybe miss some useful or important information. So for good performance, we recommend to set it with 30 seconds.

Only Capture Active Windows --If you chosed this, Spy Keystroke Logger will only take the active windows screenshot and ingore others. Usually, you are interest in activie windows and this option is chosed by most user. Of course, this make the screenshots look more simple and clear, and save your time and disk space for you.

Active window process filtering (If more then one, separated by commas) – You can specified some applications to spy by adding the related application process name in the box. Because most PC activities of the PC user is usual which is un-useful. you can choose some questionalbe active to spy. When these applications are active, the computer screen or active window will be captured!

Flexible Take Screenshot Setup

(1) Check A: Take screenshot of entire desk screen at set interval;
(2) Check A+B: Only take screenshot of the active window;
(3) Check A+C: Only take screenshot of entire screen when the specified application is active;
(4) Check A+B+C: Only take screenshot of the specified active window when it is active;

Note: You can select the best matched way according to your need; but "Take Screen Shot"is a basic and essential option for every mode of taking screenshot.

Email Delivery Setting

Send Email – Email deliver recorded log file to a specified e-mail address.It help you remotely monitor what users of the machine are doing without having to physically be at the machine.

Send To – Set a valid inbox to receive the logs report;
Send From – Set a valid outbox to send the logs report;

After configuration, please click the "Apply" button to save these setting. Then Spy Keystroke Logger will run with the new configurations.
If the software is not started yet, you will see a popup window as below. Just click "Yes" to start monitoring.

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