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LAN Monitoring Software
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LAN Monitor PRO ---professional employee monitoring and management software, track and controll all internet activity and network performance of employee computer at their workplace;

If monitoring employee activity is your first choice when you face to your empoyee private chatting or online games at their workplace?
If possessed a useful employee survillance tool to track the employee internet behavior or netwrok performance when you are absence?
Ever encountering confidential information leaking or money lossing due to lacking control and managenet of employee instant messengers or email appliation abuse?

LAN Monitor PRO is your best choice to monitor and control your employee all internet usage and online activity in the local network

This employee monitoring software consists of server part and agent part. LAN Monitor PRO server can be installed any computer which is used as monitoring pc and the agent part is installed every computer which you want to monitor. After simple installation and launch, you can view all employee computer activities from monitoring screen remotely in real time, instant messenger chating, soical network access, online games, email received or send, website visited, keystrokes logging, application launched, video transfer, and any other activities, all of them fell under your eyes!
Designed to keep informed tracking and management, this remote employee surveillance tool exactly tell you what, when and how your employee doing or did of the entire local nerwork; and the same time, the monitoring program will help you control and manage standardized your employee to good internet activity and PC performance at their workplace. Of course, this LAN monitor doesn’t just offer control and management for employee, it can perform in other place, public library, school computer room, commercial or government organization office to ensure a good environment or informmation safety of entire LAN.

LAN Monitor PRO Key Features

Remote screen monitoring

Remote screen monitoring: tracking the local network user’s desktop activities in real time, flexibel changes between multiple screens monitoring to many users and entire screen monitoring to single user;

Keystrokes logging

recording all keyboard typed, text content, login account or user name and password in email, instant messenger, website opened, launched application with English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish,etc. all history logs marked with time stamps and app name;
Website monitoirng and filtering

tracking and recording all website activity, filtering any not-related jobs applications, such as pornography websites visited, facebook access, MSN chating and other online program;

Networking traffic monitoring

tracking the network traffic and set the traffic limit for user’s download and upload, record the over-limitative traffic data;

Remote control and management

remotely control and manage the agent user’s computer in LAN with the server monitoring pc, such as file transfer, download and upload file, terminating the running programs, storage device forbidden, restart or turn off the pc, all of these operations can do easily;

History logs storage

all histroy logs file included keystorks, screenshots, website history, traffic data save at the local computer for later view when you are not presence or storage as evidence of employee work performance;

Absolutely invisible to monitored user

no files on the hard drive, no processes in task manager, no icons on the desktop or Start menu, no windows displayed, no access withour hotkey and password;


Monitoring Achivement of LAN Monitor PRO

Employee internet activity monitoring


Instant messenge chat, including Skype online chat, Windows Live Messenger(MSN), Yahoo Messenger, QQ,etc;
Web usage, web search, website visisted, login and password of web access
Social network access and online activity, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace,etc.
Email sent or received, POP3/SMTP, IMAP,Webmail and Microsoft Exchange email supported
Online game, stocks, movie

Employee application monitoring


Related to works: financial system, attendence system, invoicing software, ERP application, etc;
No-related to works: Online game, stocks, music, etc

Network traffic monitoring

Download and upload traffic
Over-limitative traffic

Remote Control and Managenet Achivement of LAN Monitor PRO

Remote control the monitored computer’s performance

Applocation operation
Document and file control
Restart, turn off the monitored computer

Remote management of employee acitivty

File download, upload or transfer remotely
USB flash disk and storage device forbidden
Send messenge to monitored employee real time

LAN Monitor PRO brings more benifits for company

Increased employee productivity due to decreased the privated activity to un-related work;

Keep a good work environment without private computer behaviors;

Reduce the company internet resource waster with eliminating unnecessary internet activity;

Protect your company from intellictual property and business information leaking;

Protect company from fraudulent activity, legal lawsiuts and reduce liability risks;

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