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Usage Manual

LAN Monitor PRO Introduction

LAN Monitor PRO is a perfect employee surveillance tool for remotely monitoring and control employee Internet activity and online PC behaviors. This LAN monitoring program offers multiple screen monitoring, keystrokes monitoring, internet activity monitoring, remote control of employee PC usage, remote file management and so on. So It is a perfect solution to monitor all employees's performance on PC. This employee surveillance tool designed to user-friendly graphical interface for every user. And this usage manual will tell you how to install and use this employee monitoring software. Just follow this installation and using guide, you can run this monitor very easily.

Install and Launch LAN Monitor PRO
LAN Monitor PRO consists of two parts: server portion for monitoring server PC and agent portion for employee's PC.

1,Install Server portion on the monitoring server PC and launch it.

Please look at the red sign: this IP address appeared in the monitoring screen of this program will be used when you install the agent portion, so please commit it to your memory;

Next, you should click "File - Add User" (or right-click the field of User List, and then click "Add User") to add your monitored user list

On this window, type the user name and his port number( this number can be typed arbitrarily, but every user must have a sole port number, such as 23101 for user1, 23102 for user2....)

2,Install Agent portion on the employee's computer which you want to monitor.
After installation, a window will pop up.

In this window, you should input correct IP address and corresponding port number to the user; IP address of server PC mentioned on the last step which shows on the Title Bar of the monitoring screen window of the program in the server machine;And the Port is the one that you set for the user on the last step, different user has sole and corresponding port number to others, for example: The port of user1 is 23101, not 23102 or others.

Then, please click "OK" button, the window will be hidden.

If you need to reset parameters, please press hotkey Alt+L.

After above, the installation of LAN Monitor PRO are completed. Then you can monitor this computer on your PC.

Notice:The trial version is onle a demo version and has some functional limitations when you test. It can only add one user and will pop up a window which notice you to register it every 3 minutes.

Add Department and User in Server
For monitoring and controlling more employee at the same time, you should add the monitored computer users in the sever part of the program first.

Add Department
Click the Add Department button to display the window as below:

Type the Department name in the square, such as MD (Marketing Department), R&D (Research and development Department). Then click "OK" button.

Add User
Clicking "Add User" Option on the File menu or clicking "Add User" icon of the toolbar, a window pop up as following:

User Name
Firstly, every user name will display on the top left corner of the monitoring screen. So you can see clearly who is doing what at any time.
Secondly, all records or histories of the program including screen shots, keystrokes, websites and network transfer rate will be saved and folded on the basis of their user name.

The set of Port is very important. You need set a sole port value for every user(agent). And this port in server machine must be coincident with the one in the agent machine for the same user. If different users share the same port value or the port value in the server is discord with the agent's for one user, both of them will lead to failure to connection between them. 

Basic Setup of the Program

Click "Option" and select "Set" in the monitoring screen , you can see a window as following:

Run on Windows Startup: Server portion (for server machine) will auto run with windows startup;

Minimize start-up: Server portion of the program will automatically run to minimize each time;

History Storage Location: Locate all recorded information such as the keystrokes, screenshots, websites and so on to this place.

Flexible and All-sided Monitoring

This LAN monitor is designed to handy and smart monitoring program. Including keystrokes, screenshot, websites, transfer rate, set parameters and remote control , all of these function can be easy to check or switch through the relevant shortcut button in the tool bar monitoring screen. So it is a flexible and all-sided monitoring tools for the employer or administrator.

With LAN Monitor PRO, you can monitor and manage the employee's performance on the PC very easily:

Screen Monitoring: Capture and monitor employee computer screens in real time remotely;

Keystrokes Monitoring: Log all keystrokes and auto save to the local machine;

Website Filtering: Filter all irrelevant or special websites with forbidden the related process launched;

Application Forbidden: Forbid special or unnecessary application launched;

Remote Control: Control and manage employee's computer activity from Server machine;

Global Parameter (Custom Parameter)
These parameters will be applied to all added user. Except for global parameter, you can set custom parameter for different user with the Set Parameter option under the relevant user.

How to Uninstall

How to Uninstall LAN Monitor PRO for Server portion.
Before uninstalling, you should stop monitoring first that you can exit through "Exit" button of the monitoring screen’s menu, then delete the LAN Employee Monitor through the "Add /Remove Programs" of the control panel from the "Start" menu.

How to Uninstall LAN Monitor PRO for Agent portion.
Select "Uninstall" button to uninstall the program directly after pressing "Alt+L" and entering the password to active the client window.

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