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Skype Spy Recorder, cost-effective online voice recording software, stealth record Skype videocalls, telephone calls and other instant messenger online voice;

This voice recorder is best surveillance program to spy voice and calls online on Skype or other IM voice chat applocations. And it not just record Skype voice,it can secretly record and spy Yahoo!Messenger voice chat, QQ voice chat, other online voice and any other sound on user's computer. It run in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 with invisibel spy mode without any detection by others.

Skype is the most popular internet voice communication software. And most people depend Skype to contact with others at their works, study or only daily greentings because Skype videocall, phone calls online is more convenient and lifelike than traditional ones. At the same time, more and more parents and employers is worride its harmful effects, risk even crime to their kids an employee or company. So an effective skype spy software is best solution to this. Skype Spy Recording software is designed to spy all skype online voice such as voice chat, telephone call and videocalls. Free download this Skype recording spy program, you can earily know what they talked about including coming and talking back voice context. All this spy is run with stealthy mode, so you can avoid or eliminate some hidden risk or danger opportunely for your kids or company without any detection.

online voice recording software

Skype Spy Recorder Key Features

Recording voice chat or calls of voip or IM, streaming audio from internet, microphone or line-in,etc;

Auto voice activated recording trigger for Skype voice chat, Yahoo!Messenger voice chat, QQ voice chat and online voice chat room;

Auto Starup and recording voice without interruption; auto save the recording files with WAV format;

Absolutely hidden spy mode to the PC user, hide icon in Windows taskbar, hide install path and recording file, password protection and hotkey to access;


Skype Spy Recorder is your No.1 solution to below:

Your spouse or lover is chatting with others no longer mind your care and love, are you worried that he or she has new sweetheart?


This spy recorder program will help you spy his/her all chatting or calling content without being detected; Any derailment indecation will be recorded to make your step ahead.

Your employees use IM or online communication apps to contact with clients without any restriction, do you know what they talked?


You can use thise spe software to record all their voice chat and online telephone calls to know what they talk stealthy on their working PC. It’s the best choice to avoid or eliminate business risk and protect your company from legal lawsuits and intellectual property.

You alway heard the sibilant sound of whispering from your kid room recently, but he never talk to you, may your kids fall in love at an early age or make friends with engage in illegal activities?


As the parent, you have right to know what they do when some irregular behaviour or activity is happened. this hide spy recorder tell you what your kids talk, but also can keep you away from violating kids privace because they can never find its exitence.


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