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Spy Screen Video Recorder, effective desktop video capture software to record computer screen activity to videos;

This screen video monitor secretly captures all screen activities or speical active screen in real time to lively video file as your pre-setting. With this screen recording software, you can view cleary everything what you want to know going the computer desktop, internet access, IM chats, webcam, online games, active program and other details. it works efficiently and stabily with invisibel mode on Windows. This spy screen recorder program has simple interface and very easy to handle. It is the best private surveillance tool just like a hidden video camera.

This screen recording spy program capture computer screen activity to videos as wmv or .avi file and auto storage to target paths, and the video format, frame, quality and time can be pre-set and adjust for more performance. The screen capture monitor aims to spy some private information or inappropriate computer behavior of the spouse, kids at home or stuff, employee at workplace, so it is designed to exactly invisible. If you are suspected your family member are in abnormal or your staff slack at his work, this screen video surveilance is the best solution to track what they do.

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Desktop video capture to spy anything going on PC screen as a surveillance camera

Open or closed screen windows, active progarm, email delivery, social internet access, internet webcam viewing online, instant messenger chats and details, online games, file transfer, website visited, and other anything which go on the PC screen will be captured stealthy;

Capture screen activity to video files uninterruptedly or schedule the recording as pre-set to spy PC behaviors as seeing movies

The captured video file save to .wmv or .avi files as your need; wav file occupies less space, so you can record the screen activity to one file as long time as your want until the recording stop, which is more conveniece to see as movies; if you have enough decisk space, avi files is more flexiable to adjust the quality and times of video files;

Auto Recording screen videos with windows startup or schedule your recording task as your pre-set to recording special screen activity

This spy monitor can auto recording sceen videos with windows startup as default for more invisible to user and it works uninterruptedly untile your close the program or ture off the PC; or you can pre-set to record the special sceen activity to spy special active application such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo!Messnger, Facebook, email, online webcam playing, etc. which will optimize your recording;

Flexible options, friendly interface and humanized designed to make it easy to handle, invisible spy mode and password protection without detection

Format, frame rate, quality, time of the screen recording files can be pre-set or adjust accoridng to actural need for best performance; and the interface of this spy monitor is designed to very friendly and humanized which ensure it is easy to every client; no trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, no icons in taskbar, no shortcuts in desktop and password and hotkey to access, so it is absolutely invisible to the monitored user, perfect video surveillance program for PC screen activity;

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